Magnetic Liquid Coolant Cleaner

Magnetic Liquid Coolant Cleaner
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Magnetic coolant separator /cleaners are designed to remove ferrous particles from liquid coolant used in applications such as machining, milling/drilling machines, surface grinders, honing/lapping machines and face grinders etc. for clean coolant recovery. 

Magnetic strengths vary depending on the application required. Ceramic magnet material, which is more economical, creates a rating of 2000 gauss in magnetic strength. The powerful Rare Earth magnet material creates a rating of 3-4000 gauss.


The surface material can be made in 316 or 304 stainless steel, which allows the unit to be introduced into hard and harsh conditions, with excellent corrosive resistance. Incorporating high intensity magnets in a fully energized rotating drum, the unit automatically continuously removes very fine ferrous particles from the liquid flow. 

This unit offers benefits of decreased operating costs with the reuse of the cleaned coolant, provides a longer life for tools, grinding wheels etc., and reduces pump and machine wear - ultimately reducing coolant replacement. 

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