Rectangular Pot/Cap Magnets

Neodymium (Rare Earth) Pot and Holding Magnets are available in a massive range of sizes. All plated in nickel to protect the raw magnet. All our range is suitable in environments of up to 80˚C unless otherwise specified. If subjected to temperatures over 80˚C you will start to experience a loss in magnetism forever.

Because these Rectangular Caps are over seven times stronger than a traditional Ceramic magnet they will break if they join with force.

Rectangular Caps are much stronger than similar magnets of the same size and type as they have a steel cap/pot on one side of the magnet.

The steel cap redirects the magnetic flux of one of the magnetic poles to the other side of the magnet. This enables both the North and South Poles of the magnet to be concentrated on the same side, thus creating a significantly increased holding capacity. They are considered the most efficient design for holding onto the steel.

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