Magnetic Strip

Magnetic Strip

Flexible Magnet

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Our Flexible Magnetic Rubber is made from Strontium magnet and rubber and is cast together to form a continuous strip which can be used for a vast array of end applications.

Narrow rolls of magnetic rubber stripping in a range of widths. Available with a range of backings, such as self-adhesive, glossy white or coloured PVC (Labelmag Range), or plain uncoated rubber. These strips are easily cut to any length and are used where a stronger magnet than the sheets are required.
The A & B pole matched pair strips are used when two strips are required to meet magnet to magnet and are commonly used for window Insect Screens and window Secondary Glazing.

Matching A & B Pole

Insect Screens & Double Glazing

The ultimate product for creating DIY insect and double glazing screens.

Pair with our FLYMESH for the perfect fit.

High Force Strip

Super Strength Magnetic Strip

Create floating experiments using our ultra high force Magnetic Strip
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