Magnetic Sheeting

Magnetic Sheeting

Flexible Magnet

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Our Flexible Magnetic Rubber is made from Strontium magnet and rubber and is cast together to form a continuous sheet or strip which can be used for a vast array of end applications.

It is available in strip, sheet and individual pieces and comes in a variety of thicknesses. It is sold by the lineal metre, by the roll or by the sheet.

Our magnetic Rubber sheeting has a top face that is either white, coloured, plain brown or has self adhesive backing. It is easily cut to size with scissors or a Stanley knife.

Pre Cut Magnetic Sheets

Reusable With Write-On /
Wipe-Off Laminate

Making A Whiteboard? Use Magnetic Receptive

Coloured Sheeting

Magnetic Receptive

Non-Magnetic Media

Iron Sheeting that is receptive to a magnetic field and allows magnets to stick to it instead. Perfect for creating whiteboards.

Wide Format Printable Magnet

Design It, Print it, Stick It

Create any design and print it directly onto magnet using our SIGNMAG

Clean/Dirty Magnets

Keep the house on top of emptying or filling the dishwasher!

Double Sided Magnetic

Magnetic Sheeting that is magnetised North/South on both sides
allowing for a flippable magnet.
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