Magnetic Separation

Protect your brand with over 40 years of experience

We are the leading provider of Magnetic Separation Equipment to the New Zealand market. With over 40 years of hands on experience we have the knowledge to tackle any ferrous contamination issue.

From giant overband systems in milling plants to Magnetic Grids in the strictest of dairy grade environments, protect your equipment and brand with nothing but the best.

Choose from our standard stock range or ask us to build you a custom separator designed specifically for your needs.

We also provide Magnetic Validation Reporting services nationally and internationally.

Magnetic Validation Reports

Yearly magnetic validation testing is a critical component in many food quality control programs.
Ensure your Magnetic Systems are performing their best to avoid costly product recalls.

Housed Magnetic Drawers

Designed for efficient removal of fine ferrous contamination from free-flowing powders available, also available in an EasyClean system.

Housed Magnetic Liquid Filters

Made to extract fine ferromagnetic contamination from a wide range of liquid products. Available jacketed for heating chocolate, etc.

High Intensity Underflow Plates

Made for undersides of angle chutes, & flow drop off points. Available with hinges, tabs & catchment strips.

Inline Housed Bullet Systems

Bullet magnets are ideal for extracting small & large ferrous contaminant from blown and gravity fed lines.

Half Magnetic Drum Roller Magnets

Used to remove/sort ferrous fines, tramp iron and other ferromagnetic materials.

Magnetic Rotary Grid Separators

Used for products that are prone to caking and bridging by using a revolving rod system. Designed for high tonnage product flow.

Electromagnetic Separation Systems

Powerful over conveyor belt separation equipment helps to remove ferrous material from product lines.

Self Cleaning Magnetic Grates

Completely user programmable system with self-cleaning functions. All in one Solution to reduce overheads and increase efficiency.

Single & Double Hump Systems

The hump system is used to remove all sizes of ferrous contaminant without impeding the flow.

Deep Field Housed Chutes

This unit is designed when product flow cannot be impeded, available in single or double door.

Overhead Plate Conveyor Magnet

This unit goes over the top of your conveyor belt and is also available with an EasyClean tray system.

High Powered Portable Separator

A Neodymium separator in a very portable form. Easy Clean allows for easy removal of contaminant.

Overband Cross Belt Separator

Designed for ferrous removal from recycling, quarrying, grain and other products conveyed on a conveyor belt.

Portable Electric Drum Systems

The Electric Separator drum separates ferrous impurities from bulk dry powder or granules in automatic or gravity feed lines.
Magnetic Head Roller

Magnetic Head Roller & Pulleys

Magnetic head rollers are designed for the head of your conveyor belt to separate ferrous particles.


Custom Design, R&D & Fabrication

Require something specific to fit your line? We can custom make to order. Get in touch with us to get your product protected.

Stocked Magnetic Separation Products

Our standard sizes available in stock all with overnight delivery to main centres.

High Intensity Magnetic Rods

Designed to capture and hold micron size ferrous contamination from dry, free flowing powder, granules and liquids.

Gauss Metres and Replacement Probes

Highly sensitive metres designed to test the strength of magnetic fields.
Ensure your systems are operating at peak efficiency by self testing regularly.

Magnetic Probes

Portable product purity inspections on any powder, granulate or liquid to remove ferrous contaminate.

Can be custom made to any length.

Inline Liquid Filters/Probes

High flow magnetic liquid filters provide a unique solution which attracts and retains fine microscopic metal contamination that regular filters fail to catch products such as soups, syrups, chocolate, beverages, edible oils, and ketchup.

Showroom Model Units

Ex demo Units for sale at discounted prices.

Only available while stocks last, discounted pricing is not available for new custom made units.

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