Portable Magnetic

Custom made to any size

The portable Rare Earth magnetic separator is designed so that the unit can be moved around the production area and used for more than one product over a day or week, this makes it great for small product runs ensuring product purity from ferrous metal contamination whether it is fine iron dust or larger contamination, such as staples, wire, nuts and bolts etc. Magnets NZ custom build these units to suit individual customer requirements.

The Easy Clean system is the recommended system as this makes the unit very easy and quick to release the held contamination. Once the magnet is ready to clean the internal magnets are extracted from their outer easy clean tubes and the held ferrous contamination just falls off.
Standard 10,000 – 11,000 Gauss are manually cleaned by hand for larger contamination. For fine dust, an adhesive pad is used to clean the rods.
Our Easyclean model, 8,000 gauss is cleaned by pulling the release knob.

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