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Magnetic tools and equipment powered by a variety of Neodymium, Ceramic, Alnico or Samarium Magnets. By using permanent magnets there is no need for electricity so these can be run without the need for annoying extension cables or the need to hire generators where power access is an issue.

With a wide range of tools from lifters with a 3:1 safety factor to ensure a safe hold when transporting a load to magnetic sweepers for clearing a carpark or workspace from hazardous sharp objects that can cause injury and damage property.


On/Off Switchable Magnets

Magswitch’s products are highly reliable and with their safe and easy on/off switch design are high portable.
Take them to any site, any job and make the task a breeze.

Knife and Tool Racks

Ceramic Racks are more suited for steel knives and tools where our Stainless Steel Neodymium Racks have a stronger pull force to attract stainless steel knives and tool.

This is because stainless steel does not contain much iron and  this is what is attracted to magnets.

Less iron means a lower pull force.

Gate and Latch Magnets

Bring it Together

Make an easy latch with a Keeper plate and Pot magnet combo

Magnetic Probes

Welded, Sealed & Dairy Spec

Available as a 10,000 gauss probe.
Designed for use in food and dairy industries

Magnetic Testers

Tools to test for ferrous objects.
A Neodymium magnet encased in an aluminum casing with a keychain.

Roofing Magnets

Magnets designed to hold roofing material and paper on construction sites.
The perfect tool to grab and go.
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