Ceramic or Ferrite magnets are made from Barium or Strontium Oxide, and Ferric Oxide. Strontium Ferrite’s are a powerful and cost effective option and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Barium Ferrite is notably less powerful than Strontium Ferrite.  Ceramic magnets will operate at up to 250˚C before losing their magnetism.

Ferrites are black in colour and are made with a ceramic carrier material.  This makes them very hard and brittle. They are available as North/South as well as multi-pole orientations. In a N/S orientation the North Pole is on the largest flat face, with the South on the opposite face. Multi-pole magnets have a series of lines of alternative North’s and South’s across one face.  The back of these is marked with a paint spot or a cast dimple. This orientation is suited to close contact and holding uses.  We recommend these for craft uses.