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Rare Earth Separation Rods

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The Rare Earth separator rods are designed to capture and hold micron size ferrous contamination from dry free-flowing powder, granules, liquids, and emulsions. They are tapped at each end and can be bolted to a frame, forming a magnetic grid ensuring product purity and protection of expensive machinery from the introduction of ferrous contamination.

1. Tapped at each end a series of rods can be attached to a frame creating a wall of magnetism.
2. 316 stainless steel casings are fully welded and highly polished.
3. Rare Earth magnet material creates 11-12,000 gauss on the rod’s surface.
4. Standard 25mm (1 Inch) diameter rods or custom made to bigger diameters.
5. Standard 80°C temperature rated with high temperature options to 350°C available on request.
6. Totally maintenance free apart from cleaning (no power required).

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