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Like metal detectors and x-ray equipment, magnetic separation plays a vital role in food safety and contamination control in food and dairy processing.

To maintain maximum separation efficiency and for the unit to be most effective, magnets need to be not only the right strength, but also need to be positioned correctly in the flow of product, in the right location, and configured to achieve maximum separation efficiency and to be able to retainment the foreign metal contamination.

Reduce the risk, get tested yearly in line with HACCP

We can test the units to identify and reduce the risk of metal fragment contamination, thereby improving product purity and the overall safety of your products.
Magnets New Zealand coordinate magnet validations / verifications worldwide and have extensive experience relating to metal fragment control system design, testing and analysis with many worldwide companies we test for including the most strictest of companies such Fonterra and Danone, and hundreds of food and dairy companies in New Zealand and Australia.

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