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Widely used in industries such as mining, recycling, cement plants, lime works, brick making, ceramics, glass, chemical, food and many more.

Electromagnetic separators are designed to be used over conveyors where tramp iron contamination exists and needs to be removed to either protect expensive processing machinery or for product purity.
These applications range from pulling small contamination from dry free-flowing products to extraction of very iron contamination up to 80 kilos from products such as ore, coal, rock, gravel, limestone etc. Suspension heights range from 100mm to 500mm over the conveyed product.
When the magnet is ready to be cleaned either place a non magnetic tray under the magnet or swing the unit away from the conveyed product and turning the unit off releases the held contamination.

The Electromagnetic Overband Separator automatically removes ferrous contamination from the product stream.
The Electromagetic Pulley Wheel is used for driving the conveyor belt generating a strong magnetic field to remove small ferrous pieces from iron sand, furnace slag etc.
The Electromagnets require a separate control cabinet to allow the correct electricity to be transferred to the magnet head. (power failure safety options available).

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