Rotary Grid Separators

The Dry Powder Separation Solution

Our rotary grid magnetic separators (RGMS) are used in a variety of industries ranging from food and dairy to chemical and pharmaceutical. They are primarily designed to extract ferromagnetic contamination from powder and granulated products that are prone to caking and bridging by utilising a rotating grid of magnetic rods.

The housing and casings are constructed from 316 stainless steel. The unit is able to be fully disassembled quickly and efficiently, enabling personnel to undertake cleaning and maintenance with ease.

Standard or EasyClean Systems

We offer our Rotary Grid Systems in two configurations.

  1. Dairy Grade with a magnetic strength rating of 10,000 – 11,000 Gauss per rod
  2. Dairy Grade with an EasyClean allowing the outer 316 stainless steel casing to be removed from the magnetic rods, for easy cleaning of the rotor and removal of contaminant during maintenance. When using an EasyClean system you will loose a significant portion of magnetic strength bringing the strength rating to a minimum of 8,000 gauss per rod.

Because of the loss in magnetism when using an EasyClean system we do recommend using a Standard system where possible.

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