Magnetic Conveyor
Rails and Pulleys

Custom made to suit your needs

Magnets NZ design and fabricate any size magnetic conveyer rails to transport lids, full or empty cans either vertical, up an incline or down a decline for your conveyer system.

We can incorporate the magnetic system into an existing conveyer system where possible, or fabricate to fit a newly designed conveyer system. Using either Rare Earth or Ferrite base magnet material, we ensure that these units will work. To achieve the correct design and strength required, Magnets NZ needs to test the actual cans or lids used, along with the belt type that will transport the items. All cans have a different ferrous content and weight, and testing with the belt type is necessary as all belts have a different thickness and material type. If the conveyer belt is too thin and the magnets too strong, the can will be pulled too hard onto the belt and not move evenly. If the magnets are too weak the cans etc. Won’t hold to the belt and will pile up.

The magnetic wheel is designed to carry cans 180 degrees around the rotating wheel on a conveyer belt, to take the cans to the next process of the conveyer or to turn the can over ready for filling. Rare earth or Ferrite magnet base material is used, depending on the magnetic strength required to hold the cans to the conveyer belt without falling off or over. We custom make magnetic wheels to suit any application, please ask the team for a quote.

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