Self-Cleaning Magnetic Grate Separator

Self-Cleaning Magnetic Grate Separator
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Program Controlled Pneumatic Separator
General Description:
Program Controlled Pneumatic Separator, also called a Self Cleaning Magnetic Grate Separator - designed to continuously remove contamination from the product without any interruption.
1. Automatic self-cleaning.
2. Touch screen control.
3. No interruption to your process flow.
4. Super ability of removing fine Ferrous contamination scraps.  Standard Gauss of  8500Gs at room temperature, with a Maximum Magnetic strength of 10000Gs. Max working temperature is 250 C.
5. Two rows of magnetic rods for the standard model and if needed, custom specifications are also available.
Ideal for removing fine iron or ferromagnetic contamination scraps from a range of dry free flowing materials such as sugar, grain, tea, etc.


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