Portable Electric Drum Magnetic Separator

Portable Electric Drum Magnetic Separator
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The Electric Drum Separator separates ferrous impurities or ferrous materials from bulk dry powder or granules in automatic or gravity feed process lines
Portable Electric Drum Separator
Our portable electric drum magnetic separator (PEDMS) is designed to detect and remove heavy amounts  of ferrous contamination from high flow dry powder and granulated products, fed through automatic or gravity feed lines.

The PEDMS utilises 3 phase power and is portable in design allowing it to be moved to various operating locations as required.

Utilising variable magnetic drum velocities that can be set by the user in conjucntion with an adjustable intake throat size, the PEDMS can be tuned to operate with different types of products and flow rates.

The PEDMS can be constructed with rare earth neodymium or ceramic magnets. The strength of the unit can be increased during manufacturing to cater for different categories of ferric contamination as required.

To ensure the efficiancy and effectiveness of contaminant removal the PEDMS has a continuous self cleaning design that can operate within high volume automatic production lines.

Inlet and outlet configurations are custom designed to fit your current superstructure, minimising production downtime and ensuring ease of installation.

The PEDMS has a maximum operating temperature of 80°C.

To ensure the accuracy and expediancy of our quote please include the following with your enquiry:

1: Inlet/Outlet sizes and connection requirements
2: Product type, product consistency, flow rates and operating temperatures
3: Any other custom requirement information e.g. unit size restrictions, additional housing features  etc

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