Magnetic Head Roller/Pulley

Magnetic Head Roller/Pulley
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Magnetic head rollers are always placed at the head of your conveyor belt to separate ferrous particles.
Magnetic head rollers are always placed at the head of your conveyor belt to separate ferrous particles,
iron scrap and other ferrous magnetic objects from dry free flowing materials such as powders, grains, recycling
products, wood waste, rubber, plastics etc.
1. These units are incorporated into an automatic conveying system for continual separation when the conveyor is running.
2. Cost saving Ferrite magnet material can be used as well as Rare Earth for special applications.
3. Gauss ratings for ferrite units are 1,200 - 3,000 gauss with Rare Earth from 4,000 -12,000 gauss (depending on size and applications required).
4. Surface material can be 304 or 316 stainless steel, giving excellent corrosion resistance.
5. Permanent magnet material needs no power to run the magnetic field.
6. Special requirements can be custom made to suit individual needs.
7. Shafts can be made to suit new or existing plant machinery.
Quoted Requirements:
1. Head roller size required to fit existing conveyor system (diameter and length).
2. Product type, product height on conveyor, conveyor speed.
3. Shaft requirements.
4. Contamination type (if possible).

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