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High 3:1 Safety   Factor

Principles: The SuperLifter has exceptionally strong performance from Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) rare earth magnets that are permanently magnetised.

On and Off is controlled by a side mounted handle. (No power required).
Application: SuperLifter magnetic lifters are ideally suited to lifting iron, steel blocks and steel plates, and have a V-Groove for holding round steel objects, such as pipe. They offer the convenience of being simply placed and switched on.

This eliminates the use of conventional material handling devices such as slings, hooks, cables or unreliable electrical Iift units. Properly installed and operated, they provide greater safety than other mechanical handling devices. For large surface area lifts, two units can be put on a spreader bar for an even lift.

Features: SuperLifters are lightweight, strong and ingeniously designed for easy application. They can be used on cranes and hoists of all kinds, for loading, unloading and moving any ferrous metal objects safely and quickly.
SuperLifters have a high 3:1 safety factor.

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