Divers &
Retrieval Magnets

Magnet fishing and ferrous metal extracting

Dropped something important or expensive overboard, down a pipe or anywhere that it’s hard to retrieve.

Our retrieval magnet will help to locate and retrieve it. Whether it’s our standard off the shelf unit or a custom made magnet to suit a specific application these units are invaluable if any items are dropped, lost and out of reach. Just attach a line to the magnet and lower it down into the area where the item was lost, move the magnet around until it attaches to anything ferrous and slowly pull the item up smoothly. The more ferrous content the easier it is for the magnet to hold onto it.

The unit is available to either rent or buy or custom built to suit your particular application.

Our Divers magnets are ideal for anchoring yourself in an underwater environment while conducting tasks such as hull inspections or cleaning.

With several sizes available and also in a stainless steel model offering superriour corrosion resistance in a marine environment.

We also custom build to any size.

Off The Shelf Range
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Showing 1–3 of 7 results

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