Dry Permanent Drum
Magnet For Fine Ore

The Dry Permanent Drum Magnet is for high efficiency ore concentrations. This newly designed unit is used to remove, purify or separate materials, allowing a higher valued product.

This unit saves water resources, reduces production costs and opens a new avenue for Magnetite mining. This unit can be driven by a diesel motor so it can be utilized in areas where electricity is hard to access.

1. For pre-separation of low grade ores which raises the grade and reduces production costs.
2. For re-separation and recovery of relatively rich tails.
3. For magnetic purification of dry fines of pyrite cinder.
4. Effectively remove iron from non-magnetic materials such as wood, rice, sugar, rubber, achieving a lower production cost.
5. For purification of concentrated fines and associated materials from the concentrated iron fines leading to a grade improvement and increase product value.
6. Product handling capacities tons per hour – from 50 t/h – 2000 t/h.

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