Deep Field Housed Chute Magnets

Ideal For Wide or Large Chutes

For when it is critical that product can not be impeded by a magnetic system, our Deep Field Housed Chute Magnets are the ideal solution.

Two high-powered Rare-Earth plate magnets are positioned opposite each other, so the magnetic field reaches into the product from both sides, capturing and holding ferrous contamination. With both plates being hinged, they can be opened easily allowing for easy cleaning.

Designed To Catch And Retain Contaminant

Being made of high powered Neodymium magnets, these plates are strong enough to reach deep into product flows to extract ferrous contaminant. Combined with their catchment strips they are easily able to retain contaminant until being cleaned/inspected by operators.

For optimum performance, adding a wedge shaped deflection bar at the top of the housing will help deflect product towards the plate magnet and away from the weaker areas in the magnetic field.

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