Custom Design,
R&D and Fabrication

If you can picture it, we can build it

Being New Zealand’s first specialist magnet company, with over 40 years of experience in designing and building magnetic systems, we can custom make anything that you can dream up.

We have a vast knowledge of magnets and stainless steel fabrication so nothing for us is impossible.

We stock over six million magnets in many different shapes and sizes and can also custom make specific magnets to size/stregnths. As the team for a quote on your next crazy project.

Not Your Normal Job…

We take pride in every job we do but one job, in particular, stands out from the rest.

Our client came to us with an idea, something that had us scratching our heads as to how to make their concept a reality. They wanted a way of making a full sized shipping container levitate all done by concentrating with your mind…

The result was a megnetically floating 20 foot shipping container… One of our most unique jobs in our history.

Take a look at the video to see what their vision became.
*Video property of V Energy

A New Zealand Company That Cares

Being New Zealand owned and operated fills us with a sense of pride and responsibility to help our country.

In a hope to help the endangered kiwi, we undertook a project for Kiwi Birdlife Park to provide a solution to the metal fragments that were posing a risk to their kiwis.
The staff had found that Kiwi’s love to eat metal… Crazy we know, but apparently, they just love the taste of metal fragments and unfortunately this bizarre obsession can kill them!

We wanted to do our part to save our national icon, so we sent one of our biggest magnets to remove the metal contamination in their supplied soil. All free of charge. Magnets New Zealand doing their part to keep Kiwi’s safe…. Literally!

Take a look at the video of the conveyor in action, sending soil past our high powered magnet head.

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