Epoxy Coated 22mm x 7mm x 8mm Countersunk Neodymium Ring


Outside Diameter22mm
Inner Hole Diameter7mm
Direction Of MagnetismThrough Thickness
Magnet TypeNeodymium
Magnet GradeN45
Pull Force10 Kgs
Maximum Temperature80°C

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Our Epoxy Coated 22mm x 7mm x 8mm Countersunk Neodymium Ring has a diameter of 22mm, an inner countersunk hole (both sides) diameter of 7mm and a thickness of 8mm. This Neodymium ring is N45 Grade being axially magnetised (Through the thickness) and is epoxy coated.

Customers can identify our Epoxy Coated 22mm x 7mm x 8mm Countersunk Neodymium Ring with our stock code: NRCS2278E


Uses for our Epoxy Coated 22mm x 7mm x 8mm Countersunk Neodymium Ring:

All our Neodymium rings have a variety of applications. From high-quality audio speaker systems to screwdrivers. If a holding magnet is required, our Neodymium pot magnets are ideal. Because of their high power to size ratio, these magnets provide an effective solution. An environment where a small yet powerful magnet is required!

If you are wanting to use these ring magnets to construct door catches to hold doors open or shut. Simply attach one ring magnets into the top of one door and attach the other in the top of the door frame. When one comes near another they will want to attract and come together allowing. Creating an easy way to hold an internal door shut. An easy DIY projects anyone can do around their own home!

Our epoxy coated magnets offer superior levels of resistance against harsh corrosive chemicals and against weathering. As such these magnets can be used in marine environments where our nickel plated magnets would rust.



As a result of these being so powerful and wanting to attract to each other, we must warn you of some potential hazards.

  • Magnets can be deadly if ingested, not recommended for children.
  • Use eye protection while using our magnets because if two join with force they may break or shatter.
  • Magnets can wipe magnetic media such as credit cards, keep magnets away from these to avoid data loss.

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