10mm Stainless Steel Keeper With Countersunk Hole

Outer Diameter10mm
Hole Diameter3.8mm
Direction of MagnetismNo Magnetism
Magnet TypeNo Magnetism
CoatingStainless Steel

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Our 10mm Stainless Steel Keeper has an outer diameter of 10mm, a hole diameter of 3.8mm and a thickness of 2mm. It is designed to be used with our Neodymium rings and pot magnets.

Customers can identify our 10mm Stainless Steel Keeper with our stock code: KEEPERSS10


Uses for our 10mm Stainless Steel Keeper:

Our stainless steel keepers are ferrous making them ideal for use with our Neodymium rings and pot magnets as they will not draw the keeper toward it. Also unlike a steel keeper, these stainless steel keepers have a much greater resistance to weathering.

We have a large range of stainless steel keepers in a number of different sizes in both rounds and square/rectangle keepers. We also have a range of steel keepers which are a lower cost alternative compared to our stainless steel keepers. All of the keepers in our range have at least one countersunk hole.



As a result of these being so powerful and wanting to attract to each other, we must warn you of some potential hazards.

  • Magnets can be deadly if ingested, not recommended for children.
  • Use eye protection while using our magnets because if two join with force they may break or shatter.
  • Magnets can wipe magnetic media such as credit cards, keep magnets away from these to avoid data loss.

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