Battery Operated Magnetic Lifter


Maximum Load (25mm Steel Plate)270 Kgs
Minimum Steel Thickness2.54cm

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The remote battery operated Superlifter magnet, can be turned “on” or “off” using a remote control, without the need of air or electricity!

Not only does this give the operator freedom from electrical cords and air hoses, but also opens up a whole new range of lifting possibilities where accessibility to the magnet was cumbersome or impossible to reach, such as lifting above or below arm’s length, into deep channels, loading or unloading CNC/cutting tables and operation from inside the forklift.


This compact, yet powerful, Rare Earth lift magnet contains an internal on/off release device that does not contact or damage the surface of the part being lifted. Permanent magnetic lifts also eliminate the fear of dropping the load being lifted due to power failures.

Main features and benefits:

  1. Remote Operated, locking, On/Off Rare Earth permanent magnet will stay “on” if the battery loses power.
  2. Operates magnets up to 10 meters away.
  3. Built-in safety – a load sensor and a 3-button power off sequence prevent accidental release while under load.
  4. Indicator lights for magnet operational state and battery strength.
  5. Includes two, 12-volt rechargeable, Lithium-ion batteries (200 cycles per charge) and charger.
  6. Secondary manual release in case of battery failure.
  7. 3:1 Design Factor.
  8. Heat resistant up to 180°F (80°C).
  9. ASME B30.20 BHT-1 Design Category B Service Class 3.