50mm Ceramic Latch Magnet


Hole Diametre5mm
Direction Of MagnetismThrough Thickness
Magnet TypeCeramic
Magnet GradeY30
Holding Force3 Kgs
Maximum Temperature250°C

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Our 50mm latch magnet is made of a ceramic magnet in a steel channel and has a holding force of 3 kilograms. It can be mounted using its two 5mm holes.

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Our 50mm latch magnet has a length of 68mm, a width of 28mm and is 12mm thick. This ceramic magnet has a holding force of 3 kilograms before releasing (on a 3mm mild steel plate). It can be mounted to a surface using its two 5mm holes.

Customers can identify our 50mm latch magnet with our stock code: LATCHMAG50


Uses for our 50mm Latch Magnet:

Our LATCHMAG50 has a ceramic magnetic block glued inside a steel channel. This steel channel influences the magnetic field to create a stronger single-sided magnet that is ideal for, door closure systems like in cupboard doors and in gates. With no keys or moving parts to complicate operations, our latch magnets make doors and gates easy to secure and easy to use.



As a result of these being so powerful and wanting to attract to each other, we must warn you of some potential hazards.

  • Magnets can be deadly if ingested, not recommended for children.
  • Use eye protection while using our magnets because if two join with force they may break or shatter.
  • Magnets can wipe magnetic media such as credit cards, keep magnets away from these to avoid data loss.

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