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Single And Double Hump Magnet

Single And Double Hump Magnet
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The hump system is used to remove small to large ferrous contamination from enclosed flow lines
The hump system is used to remove small to large ferrous contamination from enclosed flow lines for product purity before the product reaches storage bins or processing equipment helping to eliminate damage to expensive machinery.
1. Single hump systems are used where height is an issue and can only fit a single unit.
2. The double hump allows the product to run over two plate magnets in high volume product flows.
3. Using high strength Rare Earth magnet material ensures the contamination is pulled to the magnet's surface, securing the contamination.
4. One or two catchment strips are fully welded to the magnet's face, for small to fine contamination to hide behind, helping to eliminate the possible contamination wash off from the continuous product flow.
5. 304/316 stainless steel used.
6. Industrial & food/dairy grades available.
7. The plate magnets are hinged so cleaning is done outside the enclosed chute.
Quotation Requirements:
1. Inlet/outlet flange sizes and requirements.
2. Product type, product consistency, product flow rates and product temperature.

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