RunwayMag / Large Area Sweeper

RunwayMag / Large Area Sweeper
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Used to clean large areas of ferrous metal contamination
Magnetic Airport/Large Area Sweeper - Eliminating Ferrous Metal Contamination.
Magnets New Zealand is proud to announce the development of this revolutionary new tow-behind S

The cost of damage from Foreign Object Debris (FOD) can be significant, ranging from engine 
failure and tyre blowouts, to personnel injury. Our new Large Area Sweeper is designed to provide an efficient and cost effective solution to the reduction of FOD by eliminating ferrous metal contamination on Airport runways and adjacent areas.
No Power needed! Powered by Rare Earth Super Magnets, this unit is the most powerful permanent magnetic sweeper in New Zealand. When the winged magnets are in place they span 2.4 metres, with this unique design allowing the magnets to be retracted so the sweeper can be stored in a normal sized car space when not in use. The model shown in the picture is a single wing system. Multiple banks of wings can be added for increased towing speed, as well as increased length of the magnetic wings for a wider sweeping coverage. We can Custom build at your request - with almost any add-on's required. 
The device can be attached to any vehicle with a tow bar and takes only minutes to get ready for use. It has an "easy clean" system, so that ferrous metal contamination can be removed quickly and taken away to be analysed to determine where it originated from. These units are now in use at two of New ZeaIand’s major airports and the response has been fantastic.

For further information and 
pricing please contact our Magnetic Separation Team.

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