Magnetic Validation Reports

Magnetic Validation Reports
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Magnet evaluation, magnet condition and gauss strength reports
A Magnets NZ Separation Technician can come to your premises to evaluate your ferrous contamination requirements offering a magnetic solution units designed specifically for your product, ensuring the correct solution is offered. 
Magnetic Separator Testing And Reporting on existing Separation units:
This entails a two page report detailing a magnet evaluation including: magnet condition, gauss strength readings and recommendations on replacement units if needed.  A magnetic separation technician can either come to your premises or the magnets can be sent to us.
Most clients require a yearly magnet report so please contact our Separation division when this is due or you need to know if the magnet is performing up to specification.

All Auckland site visits are free of charge unless we are testing and reporting on any existing magnets.  There is a small charge for each magnet report.  (See below for report costs)  If outside Auckland, a travel fee is required. This also covers reporting on what is necessary to solve your contamination problem and we will offer either a 50% or 100% travel reimbursement on orders placed.
Report Costs:
One unit: $75.00, 2-4 units: $65.00 each, 4-10 units: $40 each + GST and delivery. 

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