Magnetic Separator Grade Requirements

Magnetic Separator Grade Requirements
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Dairy/Food Grade

If you are supplying or installing a magnetic separator into this type of environment, all components that come in contact with the product must be encased in 304 or 316 stainless steel. All joins need to be fully welded with no holes, pits or crevasses that product can hide in or behind, causing a bacterial cross contamination due to the unit not being able to be cleaned properly. 

The unit's magnetic strength and design is very important to achieve the maximum ferrous contamination retrieval from the product, and must come within the correct gauss strength range available for the application required.

Standard Rods: 25mm 10,000 – 10,500 gauss on the rod's surface. (Fully welded to its frame).
Easy Clean Rods: 8000 gauss on the outer easy clean sleeve. (Outside tube fully welded to its frame).
Bullet Magnets: 3000 – 12000 gauss depending on size, magnet material and application required.
(Fully welded catchments ring advised).
Plate Magnets: 3000 – 5000 + gauss depending on size and application. (Catchments strip advised).

Non Food Grade Applications

This type of unit is installed in a non-food grade environment that doesn't require the high grade external weld finish as in the Food/Dairy environment. The rods etc. can be bolted to their frame.

Standard Bolt On Rods: 11000 – 12000 gauss on the rod's surface depending on the diameter of the rod.
Easy Clean Rods: 8000 gauss
Bullet Magnets: 3000 – 12000 gauss
Plate Magnets: 3000 – 5000 + gauss

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