Electro Lifting & Scrap Magnets

Electro Lifting & Scrap Magnets
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These types of Electro magnets cover the lifting and transporting of steel plate, slabs, ingots, billets, pipe, loose scrap metals and more. They can either be attached to a gantry, crane or digger, depending on the requirements or the working environment.


This consists of a Magnetic head, control cabinet voltage control system, cable connector, cable and cable drum (if needed) and a power source on site.

We can also supply a power safety battery system for possible power failure. When lifting and loading steel products the power interruption protective system is recommended in case of a power failure. This unit prevents the load dropping due to a temporary power failure. Battery and charging system required. 


1: Ingots: Weight, cross section and length.  (Sectional Iron single, piled up, loose or bundled). 
2: Billets: Weight, Cross section and length. (Piled up or loosely bundled).
3: Plates: Weight, thickness. (Smallest and greatest length and corresponding widths). 
4: What type of iron to be lifted. (Scrap, Plate, Pipe etc). 
5: Maximum and minimum amount of plates per lift - minimum/maximum weights and thickness. 
6: Type of power and drive. (Electric motor 3 phase, diesel motor etc).
7: Working cycles of the magnet. (Maximum operating times). 
8: Lifting heights and distance travelled with product. 
9: Working environment. (Wet, dry, water resistant - salt or fresh, working environment temperature). 


The Electro scrap magnets can run off three phrase power or attach to a digger or crane using it’s motor to run the magnet. This eliminates a separate power source such as a motor generator (Genset), and only requires a control cabinet and generator to control the power to the magnet's lifting head. 

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