Battery Operated Permanent Magnetic Lifters

Battery Operated Permanent Magnetic Lifters
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This type of magnetic lifter allows the remote control lifting of steel plate or pipe if there is no access to a power source and eliminates the manual operation of turning the unit on and off. 

1.The unit engages and disengages the permanent magnetic lifting system by a cordless remote control system. 
2.The magnetic lifting force is adjustable. The minimum setting is for lifting a single piece of steeL plate 1.5mm thick from a stack, then full power for the removal and transportation. It can also be adjusted to lift several pieces of plate together at one time. 
3.The unit has a strong casing for protection from a smash in a normal situation but not for an extreme smash such as being dropped from a great height etc. 
4.Due to the magnetic system being of permanent design and not electromagnetic there is no problem with the magnet letting go of the plate due to power failure. The battery system is used only to engage and disengage the magnetic system which only takes 0.6 seconds to complete. 
5.The remote controller hand set controls the current and voltage to adjust the magnetic force. There is no need for a separate system as the sensors are incorporated into the magnet lifter. (The life of the controller allows up to millions of applications of the unit). A spare remote is advised in case of damage by dropping something onto the remote etc. 
6.The unit has a CE certificate and key parts are imported from the manufacturer. (Magnets NZ can offer this service). 
7.After the required charging time the unit can work for up to one week, 8 hours per day, before charging is required. 


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