Workshop Testing Probe

Workshop Testing Probe
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A new addition to our product range, our high intensity Budget Easy Clean Workshop Probe (BECWP) is designed to test for ferromagnetic contamination in a variety of products, such as dry powders, free flowing liquids & emulsions and granulated materials. In addition to testing product purity, the easy clean probe can be used to remove metal filings and other debris from machinery, pick-up hard to reach items as well as a range of others tasks.  

Built to dairy grade standards, the BECWP can be used in a myriad of industries ranging from manufacturing and engineering workshops to food and dairy plants, crematoriums etc.  

To use the BECWP, simply agitate the desired product with the tip of the probe, which will capture and hold any ferrous contaminant that is present. Simply pull the release knob at the end of the handle to remove the magnet from its sheath, releasing the held contaminant. 

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