High Intensity Underflow Magnet

High Intensity Neodymium  plates for any industry

These units are designed to be positioned on the underside of angled chutes, product drop off points or opposite each other to form a housed chute magnet. This allows the product to flow across or close to the plate magnet removing and holding the contamination, helping product purity or avoiding damage to expensive machinery.

1. The magnet can be supplied complete with hinges/flanges/tabs and custom attachments enabling quick and easy installation.
2. We only use Rare Earth magnets which reach deep into the product stream to extract the contamination.
3. One or more catchment strips are welded to the magnets face for small contamination to hide behind helping to eliminate possible wash off.
4. These units can be made any size to cater for your requirements.
5. All units are made from 316 stainless steel.
6. Industrial, food, and dairy grade units available.

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