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BeautySleep Magnetic UnderLays Feedback
Really great product. Fell asleep immediately on first sleep! Easy communication…Luanne Auckland. May 2013
Very quick delivery. My mother-in-law is over the moon. Said it was pure bliss. Her hubby said she was bouncing around like a 2yr old the next day after shifting house, funny since she's almost 70 and arthritic. Thank you so much for making her life more enjoyable. Oh and the lil' freebies. The kids bagged those…..Bevan, Rotorua October 2012
Fabulous have had the most wonderful sleeps since I put it on, no back pain in the night.
Best thing since sliced bread….Trish, Hamilton. October 2012
Have had two amazing nights sleep and am thrilled with the product..also loved that there is a 90day no questions asked return if not suitable..made it very easy to buy ..recommend to all as the wool is top class premium thick and luxurious..thanks guys. Dot, Franklin
No wonder you have 100%  positive feed back. What a fantastic product, no way you are getting this underlay back. From day one I felt a difference!!! I do have one problem, I am finding it really hard to get out of bed in the mornings!  Love love love it. Thank you so much……Ngaire, Kapiti
Wow what great service! Paid for Monday and delivered in the Hutt next day. Many thanks…Lorraine Whangarei, April 2013
Loving the magnetic underlay! Super warm and my aches and pains from my injury are hardly noticeable in the morning. Great purchase. Appreciated all the answers to my questions before I decided to buy. Would highly recommend this company and their product to all! Helen, Nelson. June 2013
Excellent purchase, product is AMAZING have been using it for nearly 2 weeks, and mild backpain and stiffness almost completely disappeared. Dianne, Auckland
Fantastic service.   Purchased underlay for my back - its early days yet but I am taking far less painkillers. Have also noted a vast improvement in my breathing and therefore sleeping. I am a fan, thank you. Pauline, Napier. August 2012
Very quick delivery and great communication, have been sleeping on it for two weeks, and have noticed a difference in my hips when I wake, thrilled with purchase thank you for the extras included in the purchase…Colleen, Dunedin August 2012
Fantastic service, improvement in mobility and is going back to India with the owner. Pauline, Napier January 2012.
Thanks for fast efficient service. Very impressed with underlay. Have had a week of reviving, pain free sleep, right from the first night. Deb, Whangarei. August 2011
"Thank you for the fast delivery of this item [BeautySleep 'Ultimate' Magnetic Underlay].  Tried it for the first time last night expecting to have to try it for a week or so but I had the best nights sleep I have had for ages.  I suffer with severe back pain am waiting for surgery, woke this morning with no pain, I am amazed, what a great feeling.  Thank you so much, your product is just wonderful."  (Eileen Thomas - November 2009)
"I have suffered severe back and neck pain for over 2 years now.  I have spent thousands of dollars on Chiropractors, Osteopaths and massage.  I tried your MuscleMags recently and they have been an absolute godsend.  They have given me relief from the pain and I use them every day now which allows me to carry on a normal day.  I now also have a much better range of movement.  They are so good I have now ordered some more for my husband to use.  Thanks so much for a great life changing product."  Sarah Shaw, Christchurch
"We love this underlay! We were a bit doubtful that it could be so good, but its sooooo warm! No need for electric blanket! And I haven’t slept so good in a long long time - thanks!" (June 2009)
"I haven't had a good night sleep for years and now I am sleeping like a baby. Feel alive in the morning. Great product I will be recommending this to my friends. Thanks again." (June 09)
" True: I was mucking around with the kids and did my back in on same day as got mag underlay. Normally my back gets worse over next few days but for whatever reason it didn’t get worse, and was feeling much better. Have now had for 2 weeks. Both of us sleeping better. Get one!"
Very nice shop. Very happy with product, it's of good quality. Really makes a difference, the bed is more warmer and comfortable. Would recommend to everyone who really values a good sleep. Thank you. Jude, Auckland. August 2011
Hi Linda, as I love ours so much my Aunty got us to get one for her.  I have found them wonderful, I suffer Chronic regional pain syndrome and it has been great, I also have a 6 year old with Aspergers and he wasn't sleeping very well, he was sleeping very lightly and now he has a great sleep, i can put him back under the blankets without him waking where before, he would wake just walking into his room. Great product. Sandra and Gary Fredrickson, July 2010
"I have a severe Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which affects most parts of my body with extreme amounts of pain.  Before trying a magnets underlay I was unable to walk very far and had continued back pain which was debilitating to the point of needing personal assistance with showering, etc.  I now have a magnets underlay and it has helped amazingly with the pain in both my legs and back!  I am able to walk easier and after a good night's sleep with my underlay the pain in my back is hugely reduced. I highly recommend any person with a pain syndrome or persistent back/limb pain to try a magnets underlay.  Not only do I sleep better, but my pain is largely reduced and my mobility has increased in bounds!"  A Johnston, Wellington. June 2010
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